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electronic cigarette

electronic cigaretteĀ  Is the harmful for the human body. It causes to many dangerous diseases like cancer. There are many solutions to smoke. One of the solution is the electronic cigarette. The Electronic cigarette is one of the newest methods come in the market to stop the smoking. It is the amazing thing, I have ever seen or heard in my past life. According to recent research, this thing is becoming more and more popular in nowadays.


The Electronic cigarette is also known as electric cigarette or e-cigarette. This type of cigarette looks like a real cigarette. The Electronic cigarette is made up by the nicotine cartridge which contain liquid nicotine. This is not actually containing tobacco. The substance this contain, this look or smell like tobacco and also this not harmful for the body. When this cigarette inhale by the person that in time he/she feel like they inhale tobacco.

People are relaxed after inhale this cigarette without inhaling dangerous substances. When the person inhales this cigarette, then the powered battery automatically atomizer turns liquid into vapor and the vapor gives nicotine hit in few seconds rather than patches. On the tip of the electronic cigarette small orange light is glowing, it gives feel like a real cigarette. The nicotine cartridges come in various strengths in the market.